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HPC@LSU provides computational resources to the LSU campus and LONI members statewide. Provided services, such as the help desk and consulting, are available to all supported users. Online training sessions and and other education resources are available to all. Click Here to learn more about available resources.


LSU HPC resources are available to all LSU Faculty and their affiliates while LONI resources are available to all LONI Member Institution Faculty and their affilates. Click Here to learn about account policies.

HPC@LSU conducts weekly system status and information meetings, to which users are invited. Click Here for more information.

Documentation & Help Desk

User Guides for all HPC resources are provided Here.

Detailed guides for all software installed on HPC clusters as well as example scripts are provided here. Installed software is listed by name, type and cluster.

A Help Desk and other support services are also provided.Read More


HPC@LSU offers a sequence of tutorials every semester.

1. July 24,2024: LONI QB4 Launch Workshop

TopicLONI QB4 Launch Workshop
DateJuly 24,2024
Time9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
PlaceZoom Online

LONI QB4 is a 4.3 PetaFlop peak performance cluster with 35,008 CPU cores and 144 NVIDIA A100 GPUs, comprised of 547 compute nodes connected by 200 Gbps Infiniband fabric:

  • 480 regular nodes, each with two 32-core Intel Ice Lake CPUs and 256 GB RAM.
  • 52 2-GPU compute nodes, each with two 32-core Intel Ice Lake CPUs, 512 GB RAM, and 2 NVIDIA A100 GPUs.
  • 10 4-GPU compute nodes, each with two 32-core Intel Ice Lake CPUs, 512 GB RAM, and 4 NVIDIA A100 GPUs.
  • 5 big memory nodes, each with two 32-core Intel Ice Lake CPUs and 2 TB RAM.

This tutorial will provide an overview of the LONI QB-4 cluster, designed to enhance computational capabilities for HPC workloads, especially those utilizing GPUs. Participants will gain insights into the architecture and advantages of this new system, along with practical guidance on utilizing the Slurm workload manager. In addition, the session will include a review of the results of some performance benchmarks, demonstrating the cluster's efficiency and potential to accelerate various computational workloads. Attendees will leave with a foundational understanding of how to leverage QB-4 for their research projects effectively.

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2. July 31,2024: Basic Shell Scripting

TopicBasic Shell Scripting
DateJuly 31,2024
Time9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
PlaceZoom Online
DescriptionFor anyone who works in a Linux/Unix environment, a working knowledge of shell scripting is essential and will boost their efficiency and productivity tremendously. For this tutorial, we will focus on bash as it is one of the most popular shells. This tutorial will include topics such as creating simple bash scripts, flow control, command line arguments, regex, grep, awk and sed. This is a practical tutorial, so we will provide examples and/or hands-on exercises for most of the covered materials.

  • LONI or LSU HPC account
  • Familiarity with Linux/Unix
  • Editors such as vi or emacs
  • SSH client such as Putty for Windows

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The tutorials cover Linux/Unix, parallel programming for HPC systems, in-depth application coverage, and ... Read More