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HPC@LSU provides computational resources to the LSU campus and LONI members statewide. Provided services, such as the help desk and consulting, are available to all supported users. Online training sessions and and other education resources are available to all. Click Here to learn more about available resources.


LSU HPC resources are available to all LSU Faculty and their affiliates while LONI resources are available to all LONI Member Institution Faculty and their affilates. Click Here to learn about account policies.

HPC@LSU conducts weekly system status and information meetings, to which users are invited. Click Here for more information.

Documentation & Help Desk

User Guides for all HPC resources are provided Here.

Detailed guides for all software installed on HPC clusters as well as example scripts are provided here. Installed software is listed by name, type and cluster.

A Help Desk and other support services are also provided.Read More


HPC@LSU offers a sequence of tutorials every semester.

1. March 22,2023: Introduction to Python

TopicIntroduction to Python
DateMarch 22,2023
Time9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
PlaceZoom Online
DescriptionPython is a high-level programming language, easy to learn yet extremely powerful. This training will provide an introduction to programming in Python. The subjects include basic Python syntax, Python classes used in object-oriented programming. Basic Python modules for scientific computing and plotting will also be introduced. During the training, simple Python programs will be provided for demonstration.

  • Basic understanding of a programming language is assumed but not required.

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2. March 29,2023: Managing Software Packages with Conda Virtual Environment

TopicManaging Software Packages with Conda Virtual Environment
DateMarch 29,2023
Time9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
PlaceZoom Online
DescriptionConda is an open source package management system and environment management system. It quickly installs, runs and updates packages and their dependencies. It also easily creates, saves, loads and switches between environments on your computer. Though initially created for Python, Conda now becomes a powerful tool to manage software packages in genenral.

For HPC users, installing and managing software packages without super user permission is often a challange. Conda is especially useful for these tasks. In this training, we will discuss how you can use Conda and virtual environments to install and manage software packages on our clusters, including frequently requested examples such as Tensorflow and PyTorch. We will also share some useful tips, such as sharing virtual environment with group members and using Conda to manage software packages beyond Python (e.g., R / Perl).

  • Basic understanding of the shell commands and python programming language is assumed but not required.

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The tutorials cover Linux/Unix, parallel programming for HPC systems, in-depth application coverage, and ... Read More